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As if life was not bad enough:

Every year... I have have gone with one guy to see Lord Of The Rings... the first year it was easy we both lived in the same own...... the second year, a bit harder. We had to see it on opening day, and i took a vacation day from work adn drove the 4 hours to where he was and had a small LOL vacation. Now this year....

i just got off the phone with the guy, and i thought our biggest obstacle would be that he just got married and it is a bit hard to understand for the new wife that a girl is coming into town to go see a movie with her new husband, however there are bigger. I am friends with the wife too and she totally understands that brad needs "Marci time" and has actually talked to me before when he was depressed and said "i think he needs to hang out with you" .... but this year he is moving to ALASKA. so in order to finish the trilogy with my partner, I have to go to alaska. I reminded him that last year i came to him and now maybe he needs to come to me.... but then I thought how cool it might be to go to alaska.... what are air fares to Alaska?

I think i might end up going to Alaska to see a movie. Is that gonna be a good story for the kids or what?


so as if i am not stressed out enough ... today I show up to class and find out that PART of the requirement is to take a day of class and doa presentation. My first though: "oh wow short classes for awhile" second thought: "that does nto sound right"

My hand shoots up. "Dr. Blah blah, does this mean our presentation has to be 2.5 hours?' The answer of yes is still ringing in my ears.

So i go to the next class and once again Dr. Blah Blah assigns the same thing in this class. So somehow I have to formulate 5 hours worth of material to talk about and present, and that is on top of the rest opf the class load and my other 3 classes. I knew there was a reason I was not making friends.

In other news:
something happened today that I never believed in. I was sent a sign. Now i always thought people were nuts for saying things like this but it really happened. First let me tell you, for those who do not know, I think the colors Brown and Blue are the best 2 colors together. You want to win me over, a guy in brown and blue will do it every time.

So I am sitting in class and this girl walks in. She is the type of girl that just seems so cool on another level. None of her clothes matched and she had a bunch of jelewry and her hair was pulled up like an old lady. So is someone I would have hung out with in high school and was a doctorate student. well I am stressed and having a bad day and then I picked a topic for a presentation and she looked at me and said that she would pick that one too. So i have a parnter. I was happy to not have to do this alone. So a roster goes around and we write our name and partner and topic on it and when it gets to me ... her name was ...Blue Brown. Is that a sign things are going to be ok? or am i a big idiot like the other people that believes in signs?
balloons, confetti, party, hats, and elephants. I am in a better mood.

it might have to do with the fact that i was promised something last night. Can not tell you what it is, but it will take place in Dec. And it will happen 3 times a day. And it might involve a car. :) hhmmm. any guesses?


WOOT WOOT... Here comes the GRUMP train!.... I will get back to you about my day after I figure out if I should pass out, drink beer, kill someone, eat, throw myself down some concrete stairs, or simply go outside and scream real loud.

will return when the grump train frees me from it's clenches.


The best respone of the day award goes to....


Paul, for this amazing reply:

subliminalsilenc: they TOTALLY bawled
Noxturne: Get out!
Noxturne: About what?
subliminalsilenc: 1 was upset about the conditions in colombia even though she had never been there... but her parents were from there
Noxturne: Oh god.
Noxturne: I'm upset about the conditions in marci's pants.
Noxturne: Because I've never been there.

I think he helped put things in perspective.

Today went great and i owe it all to the duckies.

Sure, I had to wait in a line for Financial Aid for 2.5 hours, but hey what else did I have to do this morning.

Sure, when i finally got to the front of the line, they told me they could not help me, but hey, I need to learn these things on my own anyway.

Sure, some guy told me he would "Love to eat me" while he licked his lips on MARTA today, but hey, no one else does so i think it was kinda flattering.

Sure, I got lost in downtown and could not find MARTA for the return trip and had to be that geek that pulled out a map of campus on the street, but hey I need the exercise.

Sure, I have not eaten Saturday nights Mac and Cheese, but hey, i am loosing weight.

Sure, my first class requires me to find 3 people to video tape an interview with, and i know noone, but hey maybe the guy from MARTA would like to help.

Sure, 3 people in my class started crying while "giving a few sentaces about themselves", But hey, I held back my laughter.

All in all it went fine. It turns out I am more grown up than I thought, and i think i am really going to like my first class. Even the 3 that were broken down today where not too bad. However, I think they might have to look inward and see if they are really in a position to help others when they are apparently a wreck themselves. Man they cried over some weird shit, but hey who am I to Judge?


I Am A Huge Geek!

Yea that is right, my bookbag is packed with all the proper materials for the first day of school. I have it sitting next to the door and ready to go, complete with my "First Day of graduate school outfit". I never did this in College, or highschool. Actually, the last time I did this I was probably wearing Miss Piggy underwear under my Wonder Woman PJ's.

Either I am REALLY excited, or INCREDIBLY nervous. I will let you know which tomorrow.


Ok so if you read Melanie's Blog you know that she has a guest tommorrow morning. Well I have asked her to put an embarrassing picture of us that is us with very bad makeup, that we happened to take when we were sad and it cheered us up to smear makeup all over our faces and get a photo documentry of, in the window next to her balcony. She said "no". WTF? However, she did promise to get a picture of her and Mary with her doing the "Buddy Jesus". So i guess 1 out of the 2 things i ask for is not bad.

Also, i talked to my mother today and she nagged me about drinking so much. How in the hell does she know that i have been drunk every night since i moved. It really is unnatural. I denied it of course. Being that i am going to be 25 in about 3 weeks, I figure i am still at an age to deny the accusations my mother makes. So who out there is emailing my mom and telling her everything? Come on OWN IT.
Dear Einsien's Bagels,

Should I have enjoyed your orange/mango Bagel as much as I just did. I mean really, one bite and i think i was screaming and shaking. If I come and buy one everyday, will you have me arrested for soliciting prostitution?

Last night while out with an old friend who happens to be balding, I learned something that I think might change my out look on things.

You know when you are out and you see that poor man that can not come to terms with the baldness and he has the dreaded comb over. It turns out that the comb over might not be the guys fault. Who Knew? Apparently when a guy goes to get his hair cut, the barber will sometimes leave spots longer to hide it. I also found out that it is possible for the guy not to notice on the first hair cut. So the comb over is a slow gradual thing. And this whole time I thought it was the men not dealing well, when really is is the barber trying to lose the guys game.

I tell you , my granfather was right, you really do learn something new every day.


Can someone please explain to me why there is a air vent in the shower. And why no matter what i do to it, close it, redirect it, ect, does it blows right on me while i am try to lather rinse repeat.
What is so wrong about talking to your fiance about the love of your life? Sure maybe it wasn't him you are talking about, and sure maybe the "LOL" left a long time ago and only resurfaces randomly in the book of Marci and this is one weekend it might happen, and sure maybe this guy lives in my city when the fiance lives 3000 miles away, and maybe I told the fiance about all of it, but is that really reason for him to get jealous? COME ON, shouldn't I be able to share everything with the man I am going to marry.

Who's got my back on this?

HAHAHA sorry Neal.

And sitting here it strikes me as funny that LOL is also short for Laugh out loud. Coincidence, i think not.



The ISP address from my old work place showed up at the BOZ PALACE. Does this mean we will be saying good bye to famed internet user? Time will tell. Most people I worked with were cool enough so I can not imagine I hate you as the rest of the internet does, however, it is possible. If you can be nice you can come play on my site. But no more bashing of friends. I will supply a list of the hated to bash. If you have suggestions for the list, feel free to comment.

Also, wanna give a HOLLAH to Brit who may or may not have had a baby boy today. CONGRATS MAN!
Someone told me, and I think it was Paul, that once i moved in and had a dishwasher and I would never use it. Well sweetie let me tell ya, today i used it for the first time after having a week of dirty dishes nicely hidden away inside of it and it was like going to 6 flags.

Really in my old place those dishes would have sat on the counter like an old fraternity movie for weeks, but now not only do i have little people living in a box that clean them for me, they are out of site and out of mind. That is until I run out of forks. And the little people in there are almost silent doing so. I think i have a new love. Fred, Welcome to my life!


Dear whom ever found my site by searching "drunk chicks in huntsville",

Are you so embarressed? Because i might be embarressed for you. If drunk girls are what you are looking for, there are hotter drunk chicks in GA than AL.


People talk so much smack about the postal employees. Yea sure sometimes they shoot eachother, and run over dogs and throw away important things i need in the mail, And I think due to the fact I went to Catholic school my whole life and had to wear an awful uniform, that they handle their jobs very well. Anyway I just met the first nice person in Atl. This is the 3rd day i have seen her and today we introduced ourselves and laughed and shared some witty comments. Yep my black mail woman might be my new best friend.
Is the old marci back? I THINK SO.... we will know for sure in a few days.

I am in the best mood.... there are people out there that love/like me enough to miss me, and i have found a little dive bar that has live Blues every night, and i am getting to know my way around.

I went on Marta (public transpotation) today and had about the best time... this is really what people write novels about. I walked around down town and bought my books, hence making me an official Graduate student. Sounds so weird after wasting 3 damn years of my life. OH WELL, at least there wasn't a guy to blame, that is kinda lame. What the hell have i been so upset about. Sure i am going to miss peole and be lonely as hell but really, other than people born in AL, I absolutly do not think that we are meant to stay in one place for too long. Nomadic is the way to be. The world is way to big for that to happen. 4-5 year here...4-5 year there. Enough time to enjoy it, fall in love with it, and then up and go to the next.

then i came home and drank heiniken and no one was here to look at my heiny so i had to talk to myself about how funny i thought that was. And i got cable yet my remote does not work so i did what every normal human would do in this situation, I turned the tv off. Can you really watch with out a remote at late night. I think not.

Well i am off to be the geek i so try to hide when meeting people and read my new text books. This make me sound better, one of them is called "Playing Doctor: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Physical Exam". So i will go look at illistrations of anatomy and fall asleep. I have not slept since I have been, I have a good feeling about tonight though.

And to top it... there is a thunder storm coming. I know the earth knows how much i like thunderstorms at night so i am going to consider this as a gift to me.



1. Do not run your to be purchases into me, i might kick your ass.
2. While i am looking at a rack it is never ok to duck down below my arms to look at the same thing. Wait your F'n turn. This makes me feel too tall and it is simply rude. And i might just kick your ass.
3. After doing #1 and #2 do not, I repeat DO NOT, ask me if i like something that you stole from the rack before I could grab it knowing it is the only one in my size left. This will make me almost kick your ass.
4. Do not step on the back of my heels when i don't know you. I have a personal bubble, my mom would turn around and smack me for that and I just might do it to you.
5. Do not give me a dirty look when I have had enough and tell you to "BACK OFF".

yes all this happened today. Spread the rules so it does not have to happen again. If you ever see such a display, place remove them from the earth in any way possible.

Have I mentioned how cool my new life is?


Ok from the start. Saturday after I turned down the computer I got in my car that was packed so full I could not see out any window and drove to atl. I then prceeded to put my old life into this little tiny apartment all by myself. Conviently after I had unpacked everything, Melanie calls and decides to come up to Atlanta for the night. she shows up with some Grolsh and continues to tell how things are "Not that bad". Little did she know she would soon be a believer.

We go to get something to eat and we see Rocky Mountain Pizza and both get excited because that sounds like a perfect first meal. So we park go in and sit down. Only we both get this feeling we have done something wrong. After 5 minutes, no one has come up to us, given us a menu, nothing. We are looking around all confused. It is as if we had never been out before and don't know what to do, so we get up and walk out. In the car we discuss that what had just happened was really not ok and we should never discuss it again. (Sorry mel). So then we go and eat at another pizza place and there are no tables and the guy really brings us our food while we are standing looking for a place to sit. We find a place and eat. We get in the car, and people are yelling hateful things out thier car windows at us at stop lights and then we go to target so i can get stuff I need. This is when the Atl Hex begins. Things are fine, I get what I want and get into the checkout line. This is the point where mel and i are talking about how it is going to be fun to put together furniture while shooting tequila. Well the woman behind the Counter did not think this was a good iead and in a tard voice says "If you do that it will all come out backwards". Mel walks away, and stands at the gift registry about 20 feet away and then it happens.

The woman pulls my reciet off the printer and reads my name off of it and says very slowly.. In the most creepy horror movie retarded person voice "Good Bye MARCI..... See you later MARCI..... Have a good night MARCI.... Don't do anything I woldn't do MARCI" Around the point of the "see you later" I get all creeped out, grab my cart and run ..... Melanie at this point is looking back at me like "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO TURN THAT WOMAN PSYCHO"... i simply look at her as i blow by her out the door and say "Dude, we gotta go NOW". The woman continued yelling while i was long out the door. Once again in the car we discuss that everyone hates me. So then we go to blockbuster. Anyone that knows the littlest bit about me knows that I can not live without a movie rental card. Well blockbuster told me "NO". Bastards. So now it is like 11:00 on a saturday night and I have not even opened a beer. MY NEW LIFE SUCKS.
the next day i bought a new messanger bag to use as a book bag, and 3 new pair of knee hogh striped socks. I thought the socks would make me feel better until I went over board on it and decided to sleep in them, it was nice until I remembered ow disgusting i think people that sleep in socks are and then I was disgusted by myslef.

so to some it up, everyone hates me, i have been hexed, and i am not allowed to eat in my new city. Is 12:00 to early to drink a beer?


OK I am signing out for a few days. I am finally moving so you all won't have to hear me gripe about it anymore. I am almost positive I will find my sense of humor when I start unpacking. I think it got lost in the move. And besides "No one Cries On Moving Day."(thats for you rex) I will be back to normal in no time, No Worries. I do not get my internet until Tuesday, and that is if everything goes ok. I have a tendency to get mad at the installation guys but we will see how it goes. In my absence, feel free to answer the following thought provoking questions:

1. What is your favortie obsence word/phrase and use in context?
2. The Grocery Cart: weirdest looking thing or not, you decide.
3. Sweat: The nectar of the Gods, or just plain gross.
4. Old Friends: the best, or fuck em they know too much.
5. Mattresses on top of a car: Hell No, or gotta get 'em somehow?
6. Cats or dogs?
7. Grand Canyon: Huge hole, awsome place?
8. If the world was gone tomorrow, but you and one other person, who would you want it to be?
9. Now drop by Pauls look around, keep him company, if you are crying he will stop you. Good Guy, that Paul.

Ok, see you all on Tuesday hopefully, unless of course I have a Melanie moment and i call the guy a C*nt face and tell him to get out. Anything is possible.
Air Conditioning here I come!


You know when you call that friend that is supposed to come help you forget you are sad about leaving? Make sure you pick a friend that has no reason to be upset.

I picked a friend that has lived in what we refer to as "Ben Hill" before and we both have this huge connection with the place, and she came over and started crying. Ok so i have cried all day, how am I supposed to stop when Melanie is crying about how sad she is that she never gets to come back to Ben Hill. Is it weird I am more sad about leaving my house than anything/body else. DEAR LORD..... 2 more days and it is over thank god.
Dear New York,

Why is it there is a disaster going on, but on the news it looks like a HUGE concert let out. Everyone looks like they are having fun.
You all are tons better than the south. In Atl, one traffic like can not go out without a huge traffic jam with everyone giving eachother the bird. Hats off!

Love Marci
If you are every feeling low the thing to do is to drink wine and talk to a old pre school friend. Tell her EVERYTHING, all the deep dirty secrets you have been keeping and everything else. I mean purge, have a catharsis, get it out and when you are done doing that go online and find a super funny person and just start yelling obsenities at them. I mean every dirty thing you can think to call someone. They will yell them back and then you will end up having a really good conversation about nothingbut they will make you feel cool creative and funny and it will give you hope back that there are other cool normal funny intelligent people out there somewhere. End this conversation on a good note so you can get in bed with a smile and then shower, turn Dave Matthews up as loud as your stereo will go and get out of the shower in a towel and lay on the little love seat on listen to All Along the Watchtower, and fall asleep.

This is the formula for a low moment. Seriously.


Can someone please tell me what this black stuff on my carpet is?
I sent out an email to everyone I know and told them my new phone number and address. In the email I joked around about how my birthday is coming up and posted my amazon wishlist. It was a joke. I also said I would really just enjoy a phone call.

Well today I burst out in a fit of tears on my way home from work. It is all hitting me at once that I won't ever see many people again and I am going into the unknown. Well i was all upset becuase I hate crying and barely ever do it and i usually end up with a huge headache. So all the way home I was trying to tell my self jokes to cheer me up. I got home got out of the car and there on the porch of my cute little house was a little lonely box with the word AMAZON on it. I picked it up and my tears immediately went away. I ran in the door and the phone rang. Answered that while opening my package. In the box was the LIVE from Folsom field Dave Matthews 2 cd set and and it was from my friend Brad who I had sworn would be on the other side of the cold war between married and single people (he is the one that got married 2 weeks ago). It turns out the war started and it might be a friendly one, and on the phone was a friend that makes me happy. Tears gone! Good timing on everybodys part.


It is strange how different things sound in an (almost) empty house. I swear Dave Matthews gave a concert here tonight, I am not sure becuase i was in the bedroom, but i really think the band was here tonight. The only thing that sucks is by the time i got out here they were gone. I swear everytime Dave comes over to tell me he loves me I am not home or I am not paying attention. Slipped trough my fingers again.
How not to reply to an email.

Today i sent out my typical good bye email to everyone at work. It was heartfelt and metioned the fact that they need zero bars in the snack machine and also mentioned that Iowa does not exist. Anyway, after i sent this email to EVERYONE, this chain reaction started and everyone in the company started getting email after email 19 to be exact.
some were jokes,
"Been real, been fun, but 'tain't been real fun.
Drug-addled teens. Boy, that'll be fun. Actually, from what I remember, it was loads of fun!"

some were dumb,

and some almost started a fight.
"and the spell checker, too -- "using"".....

and some got my back:
"Fight in the school yard on Friday... spread the word!"

and for the finally i sent out:
"Bring it"

i guess it is no surprise to you all i misspelled a word and got called out on it. Well these emails went to all the managers and VP's. It is important to remeber to look at the names on the email before repling to all. I am sure they were happy to learn so much about there employees. Althought he people that were actually trying to get work done got all annoyed and yelled at me, and i wasn't even the one sending the emails, I was just simply telling them goodbye, and don't go to iowa. They are really going to miss me when I leave.


Today I moved my bed.... yep, right you are, I do have 6 more days here. Marci is on the floor. How fun, this is like when i was a kid and had a Murphy bed and I got in trouble all the time for not ever making it and putting it up, and then one day i said "ok i will put it up" and it never came back down. (was that a run on for all you grammer freaks).

Anyway, my friend Charlie helped me and I must say, he is the man. Really, I had to do just about nothing. He picked up the full sized matress and carried it by himself down stair, upstairs adn he might of even done a little dance while doing it. And this is after me calling and syaing:

me: Hey I did not want to call you till i exhausted all the resources because I know this is a shitty thing to ask of a friend, but I could find no one else.
Him: AW, SHIT marci you should have called me first.

What a fantastic guy!

In other news: The phenomenon on "What happens to the forks?" might have been answered.They are gone. I have never taken them anywhere yet, they are gone. I talked about this with charlie on the road trip and it turns out his are gone too. However, it turns out while moving I found ladel that I have never owned, so the only explaination is the forks got bored and morphed into a ladel. Whose needs Scooby and those pesky kids when you have me to solve all the mystries of the universe?



I started moving today, a process that totally sucks in the GA heat, and I realized that a few people might be right. I am moving out of a decent sized place that cost next to nothing, leaving a job where I make enough money to live and pay bills and not worry too much, and the comfort of the place where I lived 7 years to go to a teeny tiny cave of an apartment, with no job, higher rent, studying, no friends, and debt. My mom told me this was a mistake and I want to refuse to believe her, it just seems very few people agree with me that it is for the for best. Maybe I was just fishing for the "Good Job" that isn't coming, who knows.

I just wish I could remember why it was again I hated it here so much. Of course the place is filled with rednecks, "ain't" is in the dictionaries sold in this town, i don't like too many people here, there are no new people my age to meet, you can't buy beer on the weekends, I am working a dead end job with no hope for moving up positions, I have no air conditioning, and as far as "being on the right path" hell i got lost on a country road here.

Ok maybe i feel better now, but is still hard to sit here and look at bare walls and empty rooms just waiting for the guy that bought the couches to come get them.


today two people hit my site by looking for:

Rooms to Go Theme Song
free pron site no emial

see who needs spell check... bring on the traffic
I haven't killed anyone yet. SCORE. 1 more hour to go I think i can make it. Tomorrow starts my "Big Mistake". I will not finalize the "Big Mistake" till next weekend, so i will just get a taste of it for now. I have a story to tell but it will have to wait til next week, i will just go aheard and tell you it is possible i am a tard.
Bert woke up in a bad mood today and after i rolled down his windows to get the dew off of them he decided that he didn't want one of them to go up. So if i can't fix it, i am going to have to go red neck style and duct tape it. And i get to work and realize that there really are a couple of people i would like to kill. i am like Katie Kaboom from Animaniacs.



scene: Gas station after work.

Marci walks in and looks around and thinks 'Wow, they have banana slurpees, this is the BEST day of my life'

walks to counter
Marci: Can i have a medium, NO better make that large banana slurpee
Mean woman behind the counter: (while ringing up my gas) NO!
Marci: (shocked look on face) haha
MWBC: (in hard redneck slang) $7.08
Marci: (laughing at the stupid joke) No really, I also want a large banana slurpee
MWBC: Honey I said NO, if it is considered nice, ya ain't gonna get me to do it today
Marci enters utter shock and hands the woman the debit card. Signs and leaves
Marci: (uttered while walking away)wow your mean

NO SHIT... why did i not hop over the counter and pour my own damn slurpee... I am chillin out in my old age. Before i would have screamed and yelled at her and then thrown my banana slurpee at her (well maybe half). It appears melanie is the explosive one now.

Banana is my favorite and it only comes around once a week and the redneck bitch would not give it to me. Why are people so mean, she was upset i was in a great mood and she works at the gas station and has no teeth. Rue the day MWBC, karma is going to come for that last tooth!

Yes, for 5 years I have put up the the ridicule, pointing and laughing, the whispers behind my back, and the constant jeering. Well, no more. I got a Cell Phone.

Here is the problem. I am dying. I have only used the thing once but I have had an almost migriane ever since. Yes, I think I already have a radition tumor growing with in my brain. This could be the only cause for the headache. Maybe I will get to move things with my mind like the scientoligist I am not allowed to talk about in the movie phenomenon. If that happens I will suggest cell phones to all, but until then screw the cell phone.


How cool that i am now quoted on the internet telling someone i have never met "to pull out his one long chest hair". Thanks Paul! I once again sat and chatted with him last night and watch Queer Eye. I realized that we have so much in common. ie.
we are both better than everybody
we are both cursed by bad technology with failing batteries
we both continue talking when no one is listening
we both don't like sweet stuff
we both like funions
we both have arms long enough to, er... reach our pockets with
we are both funny as hell
and we both totally ROCK

If i didn't know better, i would think i had found a secret internet crush. But since i have sworn off anything like that, it seems I have found my new favorite patner for queer eye for the straight guy. By the way Good Luck tonight. (go medium prep)


Is there anything better than drinking wine and eating Chef Boy R Dee for dinner? I mean really.

OH WAIT, i got one....

having money so you don't have to eat 2 year old chef boyrdee and having money to buy juice so you don't have to wash the food down with the only thing in the fridge. yea, that might be better.
I am waiting for Jeopardy to come on and i see the "Cash 3 Lotto" drawing adn the numbers tonight are : 666.

looks like the Hope Scholarship needs to watch it back.
Here is a conv I just had:

G: lonely girl.
Me: yes
Me: absolutely
G: I have lots of friends in ATL. we'll have to fix that.
Me: do you really...... one that would want to hang out with a REALLY COOL HOT girl and are single..... i am done with the married type when i move ;)
G: they are all married.
G: or theyr'e poor losers.
Me: where are all the single men
G: dating Demi Moore

Thanks G for confirming that it will be a long lonely life.


On the way home from work today the guy in the truck in front of me was all over the road and i thought he was all drunk. Well I work right at the AL line, and I was thinking, "man this guy is true red neck, it is 5 and he is all drunk". Well, he wasn't. He was on the phone screaming and flailing his arms all over the place. Apparently he got hung up on and would hold the phone up high and redial. It seemed as though he kept getting a busy signal becuase he kept doing the whole process over and over. maybe he got no service. Well, in the end he was all over his truck all mad and then it happened. The guy really threw his phone out the window, shattering it on the road. THAT WAS NUTS. the whole thing took about 15 minutes.

Maybe he was just mad at his cell company who knows..... i like to think he got in a fight with his girl and threw his phone becuase of her. I like thinking we have that much power.

oh, and i ate sushi for dinner. WHOO HOO
After a bit of research, I just found out who you 2 are. The imposter and the bastard. And i just need to say to the Bastard, you lied to me and i will email you to start the fight to save you the trouble. Good day!


something I find funny

That while i was gone my blog was still going strong with a little tift between some guy who won't share his real info, and some one impersonating him (who I will say ROCK ON to) But come on guys it is the weekend, GO OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Maybe you could loose some of that angst if you got laid every now and then. Oh well i might edit it tomorrow when I am not so tired. Well I laughed, but i have a sense of humor and am not offended easily. I however am also not gay and also i am not a loser with nothing else to do. I have gay friends that might read this, hey guys I am sorry about all the losers that are allowed to use the internet. We really should have to have a license to breed. I am not however friends with any idiotsor losers, but i guess if any losers are offended by the outbust of one of your fellow men, I will apologize to you too. I would however like to people to at least leave something besides an IP address but hey I can't ask for everything.

But hey chris, email me and we can duke it out and I will do a special post just for you about the outcome.

And total props to madmathias for entering a comment and ignoring it all.
I bust a move, i cut a rug, i shook my groove thing, i did everything but drop it like it was hot. However there was a 50 year old woman that dropped it like it was hot more than once.

Oh yes, I went to the wedding I was dreading, and the planets must have aligned just right becuase something happened and I had the time of my life. Really! Melanie and I got in the car at 9 am on friday and started driving to Huntsville, AL. Between power ballads, and rocking steady, there was enough singing that I, in the end, have lost my voice.

We got there and went to the reheasal dinner and it appeared no one wanted us there. Well this is ok, I have a BIG crush on the grooms dad so i will just sit and stare at him. We get stuck sitting at a table with the girl everyone is currently hating. So perfect, they don't want us there and now it looks like we are on the dark side. So we here all the drama that is going on and i decide to do what anyone in this situation would do. I hit the bar. Mel and I were feeling prettty good at the end of the dinner, so good in fact I asked the best man, an old friend of mine, that if i promised to strip could i come to the bachlor party. (they are the reasons I was there anyway) He said no but the groom was all for it i think. So i went to hang out with girls i really have never cared for. the fun began. Melanie was looking forward to the part were she had to say "SSSHHH, Marci they are right in front of you" when I started making fun of people to their faces. It turned out there was so much drama with these girls that melanie and i made our own party. We seemed to haveour own alcohol induced party, but when it looked like we might have pissed some people off we went back to our room to drink alone. Well not 3 minutes later there was a knock at the door and a phone call. It seems the party needed us and we were being threatened by death if we did not return. So i came back and started a toga party.

FYI: you can not walk through the taco bell drive thru at 3 am in a toga and get food. Even after explaining to the woman that if you are in a toga it might be possible you are too drunk to go get your car.

Melanie and I both got kicked out about 8 times, seperately, however, whenever she came and said "MAN i got kicked out AGAIN" i replied "Oh well we're not leaving". anyway, the time of my life was had... maybe i pissed girls off but the better of the bunch stayed up with us long after the bride and here party left.

the next day we went to the wedding and then the reception and then the fun began. They played Dixie chicks white trash wedding, good bye earl, and You've lost that loving feeling, which during a 50 year old woman crawled up some stairs and started dry humping a friend of mine. I did the chicken dance and shook my bum for the grooms father, and when it was time for the bouquet,Melanie and I decided to pretend we did not know it was going on. We ignored the first 5 times they called our names and then they grabbed a microphone announceing to everyone there that we were in fact 2 of the only 5 single people there. I think that is why the child molester looking man hit on me the rest of my time there. Old people got way to drunk and made fools of themselves and that might have been totally worth my time.

When it was over, I told the grooms father i was moving into his new empty room next weekend. He said ok. Does it matter he has a wife and a son my age that is one of my best friends and is my dads age? I really don't think so.

We left went to the hotel where me and the best man sat outside and made fun of everyone. Sometimes they came up and heard us, but the novilty of the group had worn off and with the exception of 3 of the girls (who i am shocked at how much i like them since i have know them for a long time), i could have cared less. I finally went to bed and woke up this mornign with no voice and drove home.

AH, Good Time, Good Times!