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If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is, it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?
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Ok the three people that read this site wanted the list. So if you look at the side bar you will see it. Please understand I am not totally whack, most the things that might not make sense I have actually learned from experience. If you think there is a story you want want to hear in one of them feel free to ask and i will post. Or if you need me to explain the importance of one I will give reasons.

I just saw a street preacher and a female get in a street brawl. I bet God sent him to rid the world of evil. Thank goodness he saw that girl before me and I had a chance to scoot before he saw me. And I also do not think that the words he was screaming were in the Bible, however, I did not get a look at which bible he had , so maybe they were. Is there an ebonics version of God's word?


This weekend one of my friends told me that he is probably going to propose to his lady friend next month. I said "WHOA MAN, you on the other side of the cold war too, I don't know if I can handle it".
His reply:
"yea I think I am too old to start over so I am going to go with what I got"

That sums up the whole marriage thing in my book.

FYI: His comment was followed later by "Marci, I hate that you would never sleep with me."

Now THAT really sums it up for me.
Yesterday I accidentally bought the wrong kind of deodorant and when I got home saw that I was now the owner or "Suave raspberry deodorant". Well today, my armpits made me hungry all day. At least I didn't smell bad.
I just saw Regis and Kelly for the first time ever and they had these Korean people on do ing a sorta Stomp cooking style. They were cooking and making music with their knives. Seriously, I think they said they were here til November, If someone wants to fly me to NY to go with them to see this live, just let me know.

Also, Kelly and Regis got in a food fight and he was like the dirty old man, it was gross and I will not watch the show again.


Something horrible may have happened last. I think at 3:30 in the morning reality and fantasy came together in a huge mind blowing collision in my apartment, and they got so mangled that I can not longer tell one from the other. The root of it all is that I got scared, actually really frightened, to the point there was nothing I could do. For the first time in years. And it was a person I am close to that made me feel that way. I just can not figure out how in the hell, with the feelings and history I have with this person, he would have been able to scare me. I have never felt less than safe with him. I know if i am with him nothing in the world is going to happen to me, but i think something happened last night and i don't understand why it is if i always feel this safe with him, how my mind was able to get so terrified. Maybe he reminded me of someone else last night. I guess it turns out maybe I do have some things I have not worked through. What ever it was I did not like it. This morning things were fine though, he was back to himself, in a good mood and he hugged and kissed me on the forehead and left.

Sorry for the downer post... comedy to come this afternoon

Ok so the night starts off with me, my friend brad, and my friend Chris driving in 3 different cars down the interstate all following eachother. A storm that appeared to be the wrath of god tore through and it was to the point cars were stopped in the middle of the interstate. At one point I was going to pull off an wait and then call for directions, but I could not stop hydro planning long enough to stop. I seriously thought I was going to die. We finally got there in one piece and went over to some old college friends house and sat around, ate good food and laughed for awhile and then someone pulled out a chess set and it was on. I got to play 2 games, and I may be a geek but I think chess is the best game in the world. To break concentration my friend Chris asked if we wanted to see a chicken heart. I am smart enough, or maybe know Chris well enough to know he was not going to the refrigerator. So all the sudden Chris walks out with a chicken heart, without getting too graphic we will just say it was in the zipper region. And then, proving how drunk he was, made it a living heart by making it beat. You are sitting there right now saying "How damn gross who is this kid you are hanging out with" but seriously when you get a crowd of college guys together it is really funny the things they do that they would normally not. And the fact that for 4 years I was just one of the guys to them, they have no qualms about doing these things in front of me, as long as I take the "Marci would never sleep with me" jokes. I just think it is funny that guys have these toys and they want to play with them all the time.

so I hung out for awhile and then went to leave and brad walked me to my car and we sat in the street and talked for awhile. He is the one that is moving to Alaska and he has been a best friend to me for years. And when I say best I don't mean any of that cheesy stuff, I mean TOTAL love for the boy that has been there through a lot. He is one of the few that has seen me cry, A LOT. So while we are talking he says "one tear" and points to his face where there actually is one tear and I bust out crying. I mean whole heartedly blubbering. I was not even thinking about being sad. I was having a great time seeing him but when I saw he was all sad about not seeing me for a very long time the flood gates on the tear ducts flowed. So in true Marci fashion I stood up hugged him for a minute or two and hauled ass. SADNESS!

So now who wants to send me money so I can get to Alaska in November to see Lord Of the Rings? and 20 hours of darkness. PLEASE.

Also, I saw a Jewish guy eating pork today. Seriously!


Good news!

I am not in trouble. I am not going with the man. After some thought, and the knowledge a friend is in town and wants to hang out, i have decided not to go. So I am not in trouble at all, although, this will my second married man I have hung out with this week. WOW... i think that means i am old.

Well not yet, but i think i might. Melanie says right now i am only "skating on thin ice". You see, this has been a big week for me and i think Mel thinks i am going overboard in a certain part of my life. Just because I have hung out with 3 different guys this week and one of them is shorter than me, and one of them is ...well.....can't say that but paul and melanie know...., one of them I am in a supposed "relationship" with who i WILL marry one day, and then there is another guy that wants to take me out tonight who is a bit older than me. I think if i don't kiss the guy i am not in trouble but how can a poor gradute student trun down a free meal. It would just be nonsense.

Here's to big trouble.



Has anyone but me seen the new Hi-C commercial. It is possible I made this up but I swear I just saw it.

There is a giant walking dildo. I think it is supposed to be a giant walking tongue, and as a matter of fact even if it is a tongue that is a little dirty too.
Weirdest Phone Conversation Ever!

Back ground: last niht the guys playing music at the free beer happene to be guys that I went to college with and used to live next to me. I ahve not seen them in 3 years.

Phone rings:
Marci: hello
James: Marci hey it is James
M: hey whats up
J: i have a strange question, please don't get offended
M: um ok go for it
J: You didn't happen to slip a condom wrapper in one of our pockets last night did you?
M: *Uncontrolable laughter*
J: well ok there is just a mystery condom wrapper and Dan's girl found it and is freaking out so we thought, Hell we saw Marci Last night maybe she slipped it to us.
M: *still Laughing my ass off*
J: Oh wel ok I will give you a call and we can hang out this weekend.
M: bye

How funny apparently when people think of me they also think of condom wrappers.


Dear Marci,

When the mood hits and you find yourself dancing around the apartment all by yourself and singing real loud, make sure the window on the door has shades on it. Otherwise the maintenance man will see this everytime he knocks on the door.

Last night my neighbor was over and he suckered me into watching the new Bachlor. While watching I began to wonder when there is going to be a Ghetto Bachlor. There would be one token white girl and one token latino girl and to win the guy they would all be trying to dance up on the thug all the time, and snapping in eachothers faces.

Really someone steal this idea and get it on the air. It would prob be my favorite show. We can call it "Bachlor: College Park".


How weird i am all wondering about my teeth dream, then i walk into class and we are doing Frued and we do a dream analysis on me. Turns out that for some reason i am not in complete control of things in my life and it seems i have high anxiety. Isn't that neat?

I think my Id has gone out of control. If only my superego would step up and say "hey man calm the hell down" to my Id maybe my dream will stop.

UM... I think i have had enough class today.
For the past few months I have been having dreams that my teeth fall out. This is not a recurring dream, they fall out different ways in every dream.

Does this mean I should have stayed in Lagrange where no teeth is socially accepted?

today I have class with the girl scared to publicly speak, lets hope the dream doesn't mean I am going to knock her teeth out. That would be bad.


A few months ago Melanie ventured off for a weekend and the phrase "WHAT ARE WE DOING?" was coined. Often times since then I have found myself looking around at things and saying "what the hell am I doing". I have done it quite a bit lately. I say it after I leave class sometimes wondering exactly what the hell I have done to my life with this whole going back to school thing. Or when I walk outside and realize I live in a city by myself and the only person I really have here is someone that I have a relationship with but it is screwed up to a point that there is no turning back from. Or sometimes when I am talking to certain people that I either don't want to be talking to or know I should not be talking to.

Am I alone in this? Surly everyone looks around at some point and says it. I just got off the phone and the conversation either really pissed me off or made me feel incredibly bad, I just can not decide right now, and thinking back on it, who really gives a damn. I should not have been having the conversation anyway. Oh well, live and learn. I am taking my lesson and moving on.

I got a free ride on MARTA today because the con machine hates me, I just spent 30 minutes in the park between classes watching people play chess, met a guy named Darrell that watched chess with me, I ate the best salad in the world, and had a class that amazingly has helped me understand something about myself that should have been right in front of my face and this knowledge actually made me feel better about something big going on. And to top that off it is a beautiful day.

How weird, I know like hell I screwed up my Karma up yesterday, just when I had gotten it super clean. Looks like there is a time lapse on this Karma thing. I know it has it out for me, I guess I just have to wonder when and where.

Dear Karma,

Please hold off til late October, my schedule is really busy til then.

Love always,

P.S. Melanie thought it was funny so maybe karma will too.


Today i got home from class and it was like my birthday was today.

I had a package from Melanie, one from Paul, one from my sister and somethng from my friend (Fiance) Neal.

Here is what i got:

Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks
Lamb by CHristoper Moore
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
A huge over sized Power Puff Girls Card
a pair of fuzzy red handcuffs
Garbage Pail Kids complete with Green Gross Gum

Now who do you think gave me what?

I think these peopl are great.... THANKS GUYS


Last night I went out with THE BOY. At some point in conversation he mentioned that we have known eachother for 5 years. I debated do to the fact it sounded ridiculous to think I have been all about just one guy for 5 years. Well awhile later he decided he wanted to have "the talk". You know, the one that should be avoided at all costs. The one where you decided exactly what the relationship is. The one that everytime he does this and wants to talk about it he jets for a few months and I get a random phone call 4 months later. 5 years my friend, things work without defining them. So he would not let it drop so we had the conversation. Turns out I am everything and more, and I really got to answer the question: "am I a dick?"... After 10 minutes he changed the subject. So now that I think we have defined everything I think it is safe to say the situation is so much more fucked than it was before.... but in a good way. (well we will see if he calls this week). Our conclusion is not unlike what i have been living with for the past 5 years, however, I think we understand a whole lot better. Oh and he says i can not wake up with strangers anymore, That kinda sucks :)

Oh and did I mention we were at the Claimont Lounge for most of the conversation. The same strip club that has been on Jenny Jones and Insomniac.


24 part 2 was a huge success. That is if you define success by drinking too much, go to a strangers house about 30 minutes away and then wake up next to another stranger (who it is believed you made out with the previous night, defying everything you stand for), and finally returning home somehow at 9:30 the next day, and getting a forehead kiss. Yes, if that is the case than it was a SUCCESS!

I think I went right when Will #2 and I decided to go get a pitcher at bar down the street before we went and drank free beer. That had me feeling good before I ever got to Dogwood. We got there and I was in the best mood and in line I saw 2 boys I had talked to last week. The problem was they remembered my name and I, being marci, had given them both different names the week before so I had no clue what their names were. So I chatted in line and then went and sat down in the grassy knoll with Will#2 and the dog. At some point in the celebration the 2 guys came over and sat down and started talking. They said they were all going back to one of the guys house after and wanted to know if we wanted to come. These boys were so cute. We found out where it was and Will said "hell no I am not driving out that far". So one of the boys gave me puppy dog eyes and asked if I would still come. Well pissing will off I decided to go with them. This is the point where I got in the guys car and started looking around for something that might have his name on it but I found nothing. We get back to his friends place and there are about 15 guys. Thank god Will did not come, it is possible he would have had no fun. Melanie called and she was able to find out the guys name for me. (THANKS MEL) and it turned out she was hanging out with a stranger of her own, so i did not feel so bad. Against what my stomach was telling me I drank another beer and then the cute boy and I went back to the computer room to put better music on and I am pretty sure we started making out. OH YEA... 12 year old style. And at some point in this, I passed out. HAHA gaining me unlimited cool points. I woke up at 5 with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and the cute boy ran to the kitchen and got me water. When I drank it all in one gulp he went and got me more. Either he was smitten with me or, he thought I was extremely pathetic. So we talked for about 2 hours and then we got up to leave. We stopped at waffle house and he bought me breakfast and then when I went to get out of the car I said good bye and he kissed my forehead. How fantastic. Forehead kisses are the best.

Now the part I left out. Most people know about my "List". Well it turns out 24 part 2 is a year to compromise what I stand for. He was not taller than me at all, and he did not have a college degree, he drove a 2 door car, he had the same name as 3 of my ex's, and he smoked menthols. All these things are clearly no no's on my list. He did however have good teeth.

One more weirdness: The guy that drove my car pool when I was in 6th grade called me yesterday. Somehow he got my new cell number and found out it was my birthday. THIS IS WEIRD.


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION STARTS NOW.... if things go right i will have a great story to tell.... better than the chicken dance is what i am shooting for.
Yesterday when I walked into class, I knew I had a big dislike for a girl in the class. She is actually working with me on a project. During class she talked and gave her 15 minute opinion about everything. Everyone I the class was so annoyed the word "SHUTUP" was being uttered from every corner. Well when I thought I could take no more, an ethical dilemma was brought up about what to do as a counselor if a client came in and said he was HIV positive and was having unprotected sex with a different person every night without telling the partner. Well the girl went off with the fact that HIV is not always transmitted at that stage in the disease. So I spoke out and told her that "I sure as hell wouldn't sleep with an HIV positive man" She jumped all over me that I was discriminating over a disease. It was not quite then I realized the dislike was actually hate. NO it was after class, that she spoke for 2 hours in, that I decided I hated her when she asked me if I would mind doing the actual presenting of the presentation because.... get this...she "does not like to publicly speak".

Stupid bitch.


3 hours til my birthday! WHOO HOO.

I hope all teh presents are in the mail. I am a bit scared, I got my mom's and grandparents cards today so i think i might not get anything ON my birthday. So if you all know my phone number I better get a call. I think the plans tomorrow have just been confirmed and it turns out there will not be a duplication of last years PATHETIC party (me, by myself drinking 3 liters of wine and going to bed). FREE BEER HERE I COME!

other news: I ran over a manhole cover today and it was loose and the noise it made, made me smile. wierd? i think not


Apparently some of you have been sent her to Hollah about fuzzy talk. I just want to say that this is yet another example of BAD NAKED!

Paul would you like to disagree now?
Today I realized something i miss from my earlier years.

Back when i thought it was cool to go to dance clubs full of young punks, I had a few favorite songs. Today I heard Violent Femmes "Add it Up" and remembered how vulgar it got when the part came on that said "Don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me". I miss that. No one ever "shoots that thing at me" anymore :(


They say there is a message in what you doodle. Well on the phone right now I wrote the word "AND" about 30 times. What does that mean?


Looks as though I have jumped into the interview game. What better way to avoid writing a 10 page paper. So here are melanies questions and my answers:

1. What is your favorite childhood memory? You must include both first and last names of any childhood friends involved.

Would have to be Diana Walter and I on the playground in pre school. EVERY SINGLE DAY as recess was ending and the teacher would tell us to line up, we would both look at each other and haul ass up the ladder of the spaceship shaped slide (the same slide that carries huge debate many years later as to what colors it was) so we could slide down one more time. We got in trouble everyday because of this slide.


it might be sitting by myself and drowning the ants and when they would not come back to life I would eat them. That is pretty cool too.

2. If you had to be locked in a quiet room for all of eternity, who would you choose, if anyone, to take with you?

This is a tough one. It would have to be someone funny and smart and someone who thought I was as cool as I do. Also someone I know, So that after a few weeks I did not regret taking david eggers. You would think it would have to be a guy but locked in a room with no shower eventually you are not going to want to bang the guy. So at this point in my life i would have to take melanie because I have been locked in a room with her for days, with no shower, and I know that we could do it and entertain eachother. And she knows exactly what to do with my different moods and i think i know how to deal with hers. And i think that is what would matter in a room for eternity.

3. If your secret lover popped the question right now, tonight, what would you say?

(this one is simply because mel knows I am seeing him tonight)
If you mean the question of "want to Bang?" I would give an enthusiastic Yes.
If you mean the Proverbial QUESTION.... Might blow most of you away but I would probably say yes. With the regard we would wait til I was 32 or so. I am not ready to jump lines on the cold war quite yet. And I am told by everybody else, that maybe one day I will understand the institution of marriage, and right now I still think it sounds heinous. So I would say yes but wait til or if I believed in the horror they call marriage.

4. Would you rather be really really drop dead gorgeous and dumb as a bag of rocks,or really really Mensa and Nobel Prize smart and horribly disfigured? Choose one and explain why. You cannot have both.

I would rather be mensa smart and disfigured. I think there is no excuse for stupidity. Being smart and ugly I could still be independent and rely on noone if I needed to. Right now I am drop dead gorgeous and smart, so if there was one I could do without it would be the looks.

5. Describe your perfect life, 10 years from now.

35? OH THE HORROR! I will own a midget, who will do all the things I do not feel like doing for myself. I will be working with a 100% success rate of curing substance abusing adolescence. I will not necessarily be wealthy but I will not have to worry if bills are getting paid or if I can afford dinner, and I will be able travel, go camping, and rock climbing a bit, adn anything fun that comes up. I will still have the few friends I have now, only I will see them more often. And I will live I a loft in the middle of a city. And if I am STILL not in a relationship by this time, No Biggie, but i would like to be getting banged. :)

Now who wants in the game? Let me know and i will get you questions.
Conversation I just had:

Phone rings
Marci: Hello
Other Voice: Hi this is Blue Brown and I wanted to know if you wanted to get together after class on Wed. To see if we could get some research done. I am not sure how much time you will have but I thought we should get started.
Me: Well I will have all the time in the world you want to work, I just moved he and rarely have plans.
BB: awesome, well if you want to do something this weekend, let me know. I really think you are cool.
Me: I totally think you are cool too. I will call you tomorrow.
BB: ok, Bye
Me: Bye

Really that was it. How funny. Looks like I am hanging out with my favorite colors tomorrow.


Every Thursday there is a brewery down the street that opens their back doors and sets up 6 taps and allows people to drink for free from 5:30 to 7:30. It is a bit weird. 300 people show up to a parking lot and drink and have a good time.

Well last night they had German music playing and I was having a good time drinking and talking and making new friends. At one point the chicken dance come on and the guy pouring the beer asked if I knew the chicken dance. I messed up by saying yes. From that point on he was announcing to every one that I am the girl that admits to knowing the chicken dance. Well at 7:30 I had worked my way up in line and the guy in front of me, it was announced, was getting the last beer of the night. So I told the guy pouring that I owned the fact I knew the chicken dance and that means I deserve one more beer. He said ok and I told him if my friend Will could get one more I would actually DO the chicken dance. They cued the music and in front of 300 people I did the chicken dance, alone, by myself, for beer.

I am a whore for beer.



I have unpacked the 3 boxes i was holding off on! This is big.


I once fell off the top of a bunk bed head first and laughed so hard I peed my pants. I was 19 at the time. Yea you wish you were me!


Today I also got slightly turned on (ok not so much slightly as totally) by this:

A guy was walking towards my path and i did not see him and he almost ran into me, he was about a foot taller and almost ran me over but put his hands out to stop himself, yet did not toch me. Like his hands got right up to me and he stopped right before he hit me, while towering over me.

Am I frustrated or is this really sexy?
Many of you do not know this, but I swam competetivly for quite some years. I had to stop in college to get a job and support myself. The only regret I have in my whole life. Well I found out today i have free use of the GA State Gym and guess what. THEY HAVE AN OLYMPIC SIZE POOL! It was told to me no one uses it before 1:00 so tomorrow morning, I am a swimmer again. SO EXCITED.

The jamacan did not fail to piss me off today, he did not get heated about anything, but he did some some stupid as hell questions. I am paired with my hottie for, yet another, presentation. This might be fun. Maybe I will clue him in on the fact he is my boyfriend soon.

If you did not have:

to stare into a strangers eyes without saying anything for 10 second and have 11 people observe you.
a nice breeze blowing on your face while being lost at GSU.
a moment in a library where the world totally makes sense.
A choice between elevator or 9 flights of stairs and you picked stairs.
A realization that Chuck Palaniuk thinks he is GOD trying to sell his new book for $35.
A middle aged computer man hit on you by saying "Let me carry those books for you" even though you were only walking 20 feet to the door.
TONS of sushi.
a little bit of GOOD beer.
Dinner with a new friend.
Drinks with some old friends from the town you moved out of not long ago.
A dose of reality tv.
Stimulting banter in a parking lot.
And receivingthe news your drug addict ex is engaged because he knocked his girl up after knowing her less than a month.

Well than, you have not lived you day completely my friend.


Why does blending of culture smell so BAD?

First I need to say I love Public Transportation, However, today i got on the train and the thing was more packed than I have ever seen it. So i squeeze in between two guys and stand tehre and constantly fall into the two of them with all the bumps. After a few seconds I noticed the most foul odor in the world. It was in fact the blending of culture. I looke around and there was a citizen of every country I could think of. I think I even saw an eskimo. Moral of the story: Don't have to many foreign friends at the same time, it might start to smell bad.



Today the GA heat said "Hollah" and took a vacation. I went out and watch a under 15 soccer game and it felt so good sitting in the grass with the wind blowing and a nice 75 degree temperature. It is weird that a giid feeling day can pull you out of the slumps.


Now that her B-day has come, it is now time to focus on mine. I tried to stand back and let her enjoy a big build up but now it is time for mine. 12 days left to find me the perfect gift, e-card, midget, friends to hang out with, boyfriend, ect, or what ever you have planned to find me. Not much time. And i think i need to let everyone know that i will not be doing 25 this year. Odd numbers have always turned out bad, so this year we are going with 24 part duex. Or "almost 26". Or "somewhere between 24 & 26". I don't know. let me know what i should call it. The only limitation is no odd numbers.


Dear "Alone time",

Why did you have to move in? And when are you leaving?

This one is for the ladies, drag queens, pretty boys, or the just plain freaky ones.

I was in the shower shaving my legs and got so bored I almost did not shave the second one. I figured I could do it the next day and alternate. But then I thought "Marci you are lazy and gross and noone has ever thought this before". So i went on in my utter bordom and shaved the second leg. What I need to know is, would it have been ok? My legs are so long. I am all for shaving, it would be REALLY gross if i wasn't but does it all have to be done at one time?

opinions go here ---->


Been So busy that i forgot to Hail the Amazing Boz. I fhe is not he truely should be the wind beneath your wings. He has lost 20 lbs. and that is something I can not even think of doing, I love food. But he did and now he is not only a super cool guy but he is also (according to the doc) of good weight for his age. I promised if he did it I would sing his praises but I was secretly hoping I would get 10$ for him not doing it. I had faith in him though. I am a few days late but you all need to go to his site and tell him to post a pict of the new improved, healthy Boz. He might just be my HERO.
Walking through the mall today when I should be at the library some 40 year old woman witha clip board stops me. Well I have nothing to do and usually these surveys pay and i am POOR. So I stop and talk to her and she asks me my age and then her second question is "What is your bra size?". I was a little startled and thought to myself that old women are getting more and more brave with their statements. It turns out it was a survey for Victoria Secrets, however, I did not find this out til she walked me down into the dungeons of the mall. The whole time I was thinking that I shoudl get my keys readily available to stab the pimp she was taking me to see. It turns out I got to sit in another room with 3 other nice girls with my same breast size and take a 5 minute test and then i got a 15$ gift certificate to VS. How fantastic. Good Day, Good Day! Granted with that I was able to by 1/4 o0f a bra, but hey it is still fun to get free stuff.


Am I still Alive?... YES, but how I am not sure.

Thursday night I was sitting outside on the phone and a neighbor walked by and I said hi and we started talking. Five minutes later we decided that we were goign to a concert together the next night and he walked away, but not before I asked him if he was a killer and he said "NO". So, convinced that most killers are very honest people, I came in all excited I was going out with a complete stranger. I might not have been so apt to say "yea sure I'll go", but this is a concert i had been wanting to go to all week, The Roots, OAR, NERD, and Slightly stoopid. The next day he showed up at 3:30 adn we went to a bar and drank befroe the show. Honestly I do not think it is possible that i could have had a better time. It seems the stranger and I get along perfect.

After a pitcher and a few shots we took MARTA to the apitheater and watched a really good show. We danced, laid back, enjoyued the show and drank a bit more. Around 11:00 the show was over we went and got food and then returned home. I was still alive, unharmed, and safely in the parking lot. When I got out of the car, I saw THE BOY there. i said good night to my stranger friend and then hung out with THE BOY all night. I mean til 6am, at which point I got in my car and drove to NC. No sleep at all and maybe still a little drunk. I made it to my parents house sleepy and cranky and did the whole family thing. Sunday I returned, still on no sleep, and found a note from teh stranger that he wanted to go hang out in a section of Atlanta. So i got changed and went out thinking, "it is only 4:00 surely i will be home early and i will sleep". WRONG. 2 bars, five pitchers later, I was home at 12:00.

Thjis is when I met 3 more strangers and stayed up with them until 4:30. I had such a good time. But now i am back in school mode and will not take that long of a break from the blog. I am not trying to kill myself it just seemed that way.

In other news: I hate the Jamacian in my class who gets mad at the use of the word "Primitive", i hate the girl who went to Dragoncon (some gamer show), I hate the old lady who talks about her ADD child nonstop, I hate my teacher that nods excessivly, but I really like the guy that is in 3 of the classes and i got to eat lunch with him yesterday. If i didn't already have a secret boyfriend, it would be him.