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Yea so I am done and I don't know that I have ever felt so good in my entire life.  I also realized that breathing feels really good, I think I might have stopped doing that last week, but I am back on the good O2 now.  Also, I have not really understood any interpersonal things lately, and I thought everyone had lost there minds, I now know that I did understand the situation AND everyone in fact HAS lost their minds.  So I am jumping on the badwagon and already have plans for a few things that are out of my character, but if everyone else gets to lose their mind so do I dammit. 

Things you all have missed since I have been too busy:

1. Brad won the lottery but won't admit it.  He got me a silver sharpie, and everyone knows that Sharpies are the pens of the upper class.  You have to be like a billionaire in order to own sharpies.  He won't pay off my student loan but he can afford a Sharpie?  soemthing is not right.

2.  The funniest IM conversation I have ever had. (things typed at same time and sent without knowledge of what other had typed)

Me: I want ranch but have nothing to dip in it
Him: I have a hard on.




Just when I start to get upset that I  have successfully alienated myself from anyone I know, I pull into the parking garage today and Amid aka. the man behind the glass, says "you 45 minute late".  I felt so good that Amid had taken notice of me throughout the last 6 weeks and knows my schedule better than I do.  My initial reaction was "OH DEAR LORD, AMID IS STALKING ME", but then I stopped and thought about it and realized that even IF he was stalking me that only means he cares, so I took the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes, since I have not had a real "hey how are you doing" conversation in quite awhile.  So I sat there and chatted about how the amazing race has a midget and that might make it my favorite show, and how exams really have me stressed out, and how sometimes when I get insomnia I build forts.  Amid was very interested in all of this but it seems that the 10 cars behind me wanted to hear about it all too since they were all honking in a manner that I assume meant to speak up.  I will really try harder to include everyone next time.



Seriously, I only need one person to reply in order to restore my faith in humanity.  I am not talking about the simple bad moments or anything like that, I am talking major psychotic breaks that seem to be happening one by one in front of my face.



25% of kids age 11-14 know where the constitution was signed
75% know the zip code of Beverly Hills
I think I am seeing the light.  Not like I have died, that was last weeks light, and not like the finding god kind, that was never, but the end of the tunnel light.  One more class, 3 exams, and one huge project to finish and I am done with all this crap.  Next time you all hear me say that "I can handle a double load of classes, it is only 6weeks of my life", please fly to GA and put a bullet in my head, that would be less painful than this semester has been.  It is all kinds of strange that my favorite noise these days is not the squeaky bed, but my printer.  When I hear Fred (yes he is named Fred) that means the tunnel light is getting brighter. Good thing I think he is as stellar as I do since he is the only one I can hang out with this weekend.

Regular posting will start again next week.



Maybe I should since i am a girl and all but, there is a new commercial for Vagisil, and it supposedly helps with feminine itch and odor.  I don't understand.  If you are nasty, shouldn't your first move be toward the doctor and not to your neighborhood drug store?  Am I missing something, or is this yet another reason people disgust me?



A midget getting electrocuted and screaming:

"I GOT ELECTROCUTED!!!!" while trying to run away with her 5 inch legs. 

it happen 15 minutes ago and I still can not stop laughing at how incredibly funny that was.

99.9% BETTER!
It is funny that the past 2 weeks I have been in a  huge funk and it mainly derived from me thinking I was going crazy because every single thing that has happened in the natural world has been lost on me.  I have not been able to understand the simplest things in human nature, but now I realize that it is not me.  EVERYONE around me is f*cking nuts.  Seriously, everyone has lost their minds and somehow I didn't see it.  I see it now, and I no longer think i need to be hospitalized and that feels good.
Last nights dream:
I lived at home with my whole extended family (only I don't have an extended family) and I had lesbian sex (only I don't do that in real life) and a girl from my class showed up and cleaned my bathroom (only it was the bathroom from my old apartment).
I think this means that everything is better.  Or maybe that i need to call home more often, or maybe I need to start eating better, or maybe I need to hire a maid. 



Is it possible I don't remember my college years at all, even though they only ended 4.5 years ago.  Seriously, I am not even sure who my friends were.  I know Brad and Melanie and THE BOY, but after that I just go by random phone calls i receive from people that I could care less if I ever talked to again.  I figure if they are calling to catch up occasionally that means we were friends whether I remember or not.  Well this shit is getting ridiculous.

I just got an evite for a party that has invited about 100 people.  Thing is, even though I can't remember totally, but I don't think i ever hung out with anyone on the list.  The next part that strikes me as odd, is that the people I did hang out with in association to these people, were NOT on the list.  Are they trying to get some cool kids there or is this just coincidence?  One more odd thing.... Melanie is on the list.  Now see, I didn't even hang out with Melanie until after I graduated, so I am pretty sure she never even talked to these people. 

AND, i am thinking that if reading the names on the evite made me cringe with detest, I don't think that i should be going to the little shindig.  Maybe I will reply with a  yes to see if i get emails saying "Sorry this was a mistake evite".  Maybe Brad can back me up on this.

Just another reason nothing is making sense to me these days.


WHOA!   I think i like the changes Blogger made.
Anyway, I went to a Braves game Friday night and I feel it is my duty to inform society of a few things that I thought were common sense but apparently not. 
1. Public bathrooms are generally not the best places to start conversations with people.  I do not want to meet a friend in the bathroom, I want to get out of them as fast as I can, especially at a stadium bathroom that serves about 1,000 people every few hours.
2. Don't ever try to touch someone else in the bathroom.
2.5 especially in an area of the body where they might have issues ie. Feet
3. Never, i repeat NEVER, reach under a stall wall to touch someones feet.
Now if only the girl who reached under the stall wall and lifted my jeans while asking what kind of shoes I was wearing could read this, maybe no one would ever has to undergo the trauma I did.


Bling On
Today before an exam, I was sitting the room listening to everyone ask eachother dumb questions about the information, (ie: to find common varience we square r, how do you square it? & How is survey research differt than experimental?) when a guy I know from another class yells out, "Marci is Blinging over there, that means she thinks we are all dumb". I said "huh, I got no bling"... He replies, "I know enough to know that when your smile becomes your bling, you are making fun of someone in your head"

Way to call me out!


Sun melting the fake smile away, I think, you know, I'll be okay -eels-
Notice of Hiatus

It seems the Last Straw got upset about my letter to him last week and responded. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! No Mariah Carey did not move in, nor did a Caulkin, but nonetheless, due to the nature of this particular breakdown, it is possible I need a few days to find my sense of humor, so I might not be posting here for the next few days. Brad is in town for the week and I will most likely be with him most nights, so for anyone that is overly voyeuristic of my life, it is possible he will be posting about fun stuff.

-peace out, yo-


Baskin Robbins has a new flavor called "Baseball Nut", and I think that might be the most disgusting name of any flavor ever. Seriously, say it out loud right now, and try to imagine eating something called that.
So while discussing this with Melanie, I said "if they can get away with 'baseball Nut' they should just go ahead and add Bukkake to the 31 flavors and advertise 32", and who knew that would make her blow beer out of her nose.


Ok so Melanie posted that she has pictures of me that might stop me from ever getting another date again, however, what she failed to mention was, that she was not exempt from the lens of the camera during lasts years SUMMER O' FUN. I do believe that she ALSO, wore a bikini and did slip n' slide into the road with me. My memory might be failing me now, but I also think that there might be a few even more incriminating photos on that camera. Thing is, this is the very same camera that we have lost for months at a time ever single time we find it. So it is possible it will get lost before it has a chance to get developed, and maybe we will both be safe from another photo war on the blogs.
Dear Confused Fat White Boy,

I understand that you are fat and maybe never fit into many groups, but seriously, you could try a little harder, or maybe at least try to understand the group you are going for better. You can't dread your hair when it is not long enough to touch your shoulders (that makes you look like you just haven't showered in 4 months), and you shouldn't wear a rastafarian hat when you are sporting a $150 pair of Oakely and driving a brand new Element. You just look a little lost in your identity formation.

Thanks for listening,

PS your car is SO ugly!!!

Ok so I understand enough about the world to know that sex is a good tool to use when trying to sell something. I also understand that there are certain demographics to target with certain products. My issue with this is when they start mixing the 2 in the most disgusting way. There are currently 3 commercials in rotation that elude to the geriatric population getting all down adn dirty. THIS REALLY ISN'T OK!

Ok FINE! I'll admit that i am more jealous than I am sad. But this is JUST tv right?!? There are not really walker toting old people getting more action than me, right?



Dear Last Straw,
I think it is really cool that you are playing your games pretty tricky today. Normally I find you laughing your ass off at me after 2 bad things have happened, only today I am working on my 5th really crappy occurrence, so either you are no longer feel it is cool to call it quits after 3 or you are just really starting to blow at this game.

Can you please hurry up and let me get run over, fall down my stairs, be captured and held prisoner on the set of kids show, have Haley Joel Osmond, Mariah Carey, and David Blaine come and move in, or what ever it is you are going to do next, so that i can move ahead with my breakdown without waiting here in anticipation for your next move.

Thanks Loads,
Melanie and I were sitting around the other day and I realized that we needed a nickname for eachother, so naturally we decided that "Donkey Butt" suited us nicely.

Well, I have been WAY to stressed out lately for various reasons, so much that I have been vomiting almost every morning, well I was running around trying to get ready this morning and I look at my computer and there is a message that says "Have a good day donkey butt" and now I suddenly feel better. I highly suggest everyone call a friend today and call them donkey butt, and see how happy you make them. Unless of course your friend is ugly and would be offended, in which case you should not be friends with them anyway.
So being the responsible person I am,
I decided to go drink beer tonight instead of working on a class presentation that i have tomorrow. This is normally ok, but thing is, being all responsible like I am, I forgot all about it, and have nothing. So now i am home, alone, with a good buzz, and i am supposed to somehow concentrate on Psychological Journals. I think not. This can wait til 30 minutes before class right?

I think maybe it is funny that I am planning on watching Fraggle Rock for 3 hours instead. It might even be funnier that this will be the 3rd time I have used the fraggle rock excuse in grad school.


CAN SOME ONE TELL ME WHY I AM #8 ON MSN'S LIST FOR "GONNEREA"???? not to mention the fact that I am preceded by "I Know You Really Want It, Cuz Your Daddy's Always On It" & "ebonics dictionary"? DISTURBING!

Another question: Why is it impossible to go to a fourth of July party and get really drunk and NOT get hurt? Were you aware the bottom of your foot could bruise? I was not, until I saw the bruise that is now all the way across the bottom of mine. I can't complain since someone else there broke their ankle. Since I am talking about people getting hurt, I think maybe what I am trying to say is that I went to a GOOD 4th party.

Also, since I have been to old for really good stuff for the past few years, I didn't actually realize there would be fire works until mid day on the fourth, but then I got called out on being TOO excited about the fireworks, so I was not able to giggle and do somersaults. Saving face, sometimes cost way to damn much.


You know what is sad?!?!?!

That the drunk dumb ass that goes by Johnny, or Reverend, from last night is incredibly proud of the fact that he has no social grace/skill. I would like to say thanks for upping my traffic, this is the first time that I have ever had 15 people on my site at one time. Apparently, telling everyone at Emory about it for the male chauvinist points wasn't enough, you had to brag about it on your site too.

Well hey, I know you don't remember whining all night and falling asleep on the table IN A BAR becuase you can't seem to handle your alcohol like one of the big kids, but when you asked Melanie and I why people hate you, you know when we both rolled our eyes and verbally wondered how in the hell we got caught in a conversation with you, I think maybe you have your answer.

Last night would have been FANTASTIC as planned except for a few teeny tiny bumps in the road. Here are a few:

~ Some Drama that happened before I even got out of class that had every one grumpy and me somehow to blame, when I WASN'T EVEN THERE.

~ Random drunk kid I don't know, thinks it is going to be a good idea to grab the hell out of my breast in the middle of a bar. Seriously, I know they are nice, but I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME. This is only after he is whining about how every one hates him, you know the guy EVERYONE wants to get drunk with. When I nicely let him know this wasn't ok he did it to Melanie, however, it took her a second to process what was going on so she missed her cue to pour something on him, and I wasn't sitting next to him, and would have ended up hurting Melanie while trying to kick his ass.

~ Chode Boy needing a ride home and breaking my back window while shouting out things like "I met this waspy girl".
ANNOUNCEMENT: If anyone wants any garbage or a radio, or army men, or beer mugs, my car will be parked in down town 4 days a week and it really easy to break into now.

~ The breast grabber that kept randomly blessing everyone witht eh sign of the cross and when I nicely said "DUDE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" He replied "Some times God tells me to do things"

Here are the things that saved the evening:

~ Melanie was upset or something about the previously mentioned drama, So I sang her power ballads at the top of my lungs.

~ Melanie walking in on lesbian sex in the bathroom.

~ A girl that hangs out with Duece, randomly forgetting people could see her, and catching her making faces of disgust to the drunkards.

~ seeing the breast grabber try to get a high five from Lurker Boy after he reached out of bounds.

~ 11.3% beer.....


Should I be worried that I feel like my arms are going to fall off, the air seems really really thin today, I past out, I might be having an out of body experience, but I am still in my body, and I am slightly hallucinating? And when I say hallucination I am not talking about the normal Charlie Chaplin in my peripheral vision type of hallucination, I am more talking about the fact that I saw a friend of mine who has been dead for 5 years walking across the street from me, and an elephant tried to kill me while walking to class. You would think that Charlie would have had my back, but no I can't depend on him for anything.
These are all perfectly normal signs and I am not on the verge of a psychotic break right?

I will be at school for 7.5 hours today.... Who wants to get a beer at 7:30?!?!?!?