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There was no happier group of people on my birthday:

That is two boys I talk about here a bit and a girl I don't know all that well but she might kick ass.

You might recognize another blogger here:

And this is the one that kinda surprised me a bit. Ok, I am not going to say I "was so drunk I don't remember this"... I can't, there is now a picture that exists, but I can say that it was my birthday and that makes anything ok. When I found out this picture existed the guy in the back swears he didn't remeber this happening at all. I am going to call bullshit now that I see he was standing RIGHT there.



Less than a month.

My supervisor called me in today and says "I did something I should have asked you about first". She then proceeds to tell me that they are probably letting a person go. There are only 3 people that work there and then 3 of us interns. She told the director and the board members that I would kick ass on the job and she thinks they should hire me. She asked if I would be interested and I said "fuck YA, this is awesome!" "yea I already know the job and it would be great to get paid for my time here". So as I was leaving today she was on the phone with the board members and told me to hang on but then it was taking to long and I had to go, she was mouthing to me that they were going to hire me and said she would call me later.

WOOHOO!!!!! I might have a job in my field 8 whole months before graduation. Today is great.


Update: I just called home to tell the 'rents the good news and my dad replies "it is good to know you are finally self supportive".. WTF is that? I am in a good mood and you have to say something like that and you know I have been supporting myself since I was 17. JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tonight I got to go to another Braves game, and I drew you a picture (I am TOTALLY an artist)of where I got to sit:

That is me, 5 rows directly behind home plate. So if you watched the game I was on TV ALL night and I had front row seats to the fieworks (3 TIMES). How exciting!!!

Oh yea and we remebered to take the car home this time. Considering it took til this morning to actually get the car back, we felt that was the safest thing.

Do you all remember when I had a friend named Melanie?!? If I didn't make her up to make me feel better about having friends, and she really did exist, I miss her. If you see her around let her know.



but I think the funniest thing in the world today has been the 20 people I saw walking in down town with umbrellas flipped the wrong way and while I was laughing at that, I saw some poor guy struggling with his and I guess he finally realized that is was slowing him down and getting him ever wetter when he took the thing and threw it on the ground and stomp on it.




Last night I went to a Braves game with deuce and Lurker Boy, because they promised me the Braves would win or at least score and I would get to see fireworks. (I am a sucker for fireworks) On the way into the parking lot we saw this awesome double Decker bus. It was the kind that had the top deck open, and there were people drinking and partying on it. We all made a comment about "why are we not on that bus?" So we go into the game and we are drinking and I want to go see the big coke bottle (that is made of bats, bases,a and helmets, and shoot fireworks) in the 7th inning stretch, so we start walking up there and the game resumes, and Lurker boy makes a comment about how he really hopes they don't score while we are on the escalator because then I would miss the fireworks. Right after he says that, we hear the crowd and see flashes of lights and I MISSED THE FIREWORKS I WAS PROMISED!!!! That made riding escalators go from #33 on my all time favorite things list to #96. I was so upset, but we stayed up by the coke bottle and I saw fireworks when the Braves won. My spirits were a little higher.

The game was over and we started walking out to the parking lot, and Lurker Boy saw in the crowd a bartender that we know. We were talking to her while trying to walk and she says "what are you all doing? I rented this awesome bus, you should jump on. We are bar crawling in a double Decker". The three of us looked at eachother and said "hell yea, we're down". So we got a pimp ride on the top of an open air Double Decker, fully stocked with beer. It was fantastic, until a tree tried to kill duece but he got over it when I laughed so hard at him I almost hyperventilated. So we finally get a bar that is kinda close to my house and drink for awhile and then called a cab.

Thing is, Lurker Boys car was at the game and most likely towed last night. We were fully aware that would happen when we jumped on the bus, but our only other option was to not get on the bus, ad none of us were having that. So today we go back to the stadium and see if the car is there and it isn't and we somehow find a guy who knows what towing company is used and it is some guys cell phone, and he doesn't seem to want to answer. Dueces keys are stuck in the towed car and now mine is the only car we have between the 3 of us. It just so happens that my brakes are so bad that I normally don't' stop. Everyone has places to be so I just gave my no stopping car to the 2 boys and sent them on their way. I won't see my car again til tonight, which is looking better than Lurker Boy's car, which we are not seeing the end of the rainbow too. I really don't think he is pissed at al about it. We had the best night ever. Let's just hope I am not too accident prone today, since I can't get to the hospital now.


If you are a Christian and a recovering alcoholic and on the adkins diet, can you not love Jesus?


I skipped out on work today because Bert decided he was still mad at me and would not take me to there. I figured it was time to give the boy a little attention and took him to a nice man who fitted him with new shoes. I always get the feeling I am going to get ripped off since I am a girl at these places but I could not have been luckier this morning. The man who helped me has a daughter my age and totally understood how poor I am and got me tires, rotation and balance for half of what I was expecting to pay. THAT IS A GOOD DAY!

Tomorrow I am getting him a shiny new tag and a new license for me. I figure all these things will help his game and and confidence. Soon he will be able to park next to BMW's and Mercedes with no problem. The new tag is going to have me going back to my old town because i think it will be cheaper and that means i can go to lunch with some old friends. Might be 2 good days in a row.

Something strange I didn't think would happen:
The French Boy called and wants to see me this weekend. That is a bit strange since i am not too totally sure about anything we talked about on my birthday. So I know nothing about him except that my friend tried to kill him. Does anyone know how to say "I am sorry I took avantage of you, but it was my birthday" in French?

I am also hanging out with a guy I met on Duece's B-day tomorrow, and there is a certain internet guy friend of a friend of a friend I would not mind meeting (He won't be able to resist me much longer)...... I think my dry spell is over, for now at least.



I have been so busy making thinking of ways to kill the caulkin family working, that I feel I have neglected the blog. But here are my happenings,

Today Bert was happily chill'n with a hot little Passat in the parking garage. I paid my $3 and left so Bert could get his mack on, and went to class so that I could correct the professor on what different drugs did. I will get back to that. Anyway, Bert was putting the moves on the Passat when this dirty man with 2 teeth came up and put a paper and taped it to his window. Now being a car and all Bert could not defend himself, I tried to teach him martial arts once, but that is a long embarrassing story for me, and he could do nothing but sit there and get embarrassed that this was happening to him while he was throwing mad game. THEN the 2 tooth man put a fucking boot on his foot. Talk about having to swallow your pride and give up on finding a high quality girlfriend. So when I got out of class, the Passat was long gone, (i bet she left cuz she thought Bert didn't have $3, money grubbing bitch) and Bert was so pissed at me. So I got mad and called them to remove the boot and when they showed up they tried to charge me $100 for the spot that I paid for. I threatened to call the cops and the man removed the boot and Bert and I are ok now. But if you all know of a girlfriend for him, he needs one.

Ok now for class. Tonight was Club Drug night in my addictions class, and none knows anything because i go to school with idiots. My professor is really smart but he kept getting the effects of drugs wrong. ie:

Dr. D: "ketamine works fastest if injected, and effects happen within 4 minutes"
Me: "Dr. D, are you sure.... I think maybe snorting it is the fastest way. That only takes seconds"
Dr. D: "well you might be right"

they all think i am the biggest drug addict, but that is fine, i would not want them thinking I wanted to be their friend anyway.



I had no power for 3 days and now that it is back on... I have no cable (TV or internet). Things blow, and after fighting with 3 different people at COMCAST. That is the company that only hires complete idiots to answer their phones and to take the technical questions.
* please don't tell me to unplug my TV and plug it back in
*please don't argue with me about my cable being out, I am in front of the TV and I KNOW it is.
* please don't tell me to calm down when you are being the dumb ass.

on another note:
It started on Thursday with Dueces B-day and continued on through the weekend. I almost think his was more fun, although the hangover was about equal for both. I went out to a bar in midtown, and drank a whole lot. There was only a little bit of drama, but things came to blows and the drama got up and stormed out, then I think he called to hang up on me, and then I texted him with a "fuck off" and after that everything was great. Don't get me wrong, I think MOST of it was the alcohol, so I am only holding accountable for 13% of it. I am not even all that sure what it was we got into a fight about.Then we left and my driver hit a car, and then drove in the on coming traffic lane, but had no clue he was doing it. I lived and made it back to his place where Melanie got sick wanted to go home.

As far as the Birthday booty goes..... I will just say I met a french boy..... or is that a freedom boy. I would give details but I am sure your alls imagination is better than any actual story.

I will be back to posting when my internet comes back up.



It doesn't reflect badly on me as a counselor that my very first client might have committed suicide today, does it?

I won't know for sure til tomorrow morning, but the fact she told me she wanted to, had the means, and had a plan, and left when i mentioned a safety contract, makes me think that instead of curing crack addicts one by one, i might be killing them off.

Why is it neccessary to use 98 year old women to advertise items such as Valzoplex ? The only thing worse would be midgets.



Today one of the few people I work with told me a story about how her son got mad at his sister and decided that it would be a good idea to glue her eyes shut while she slept. Thing is the girl is in private school and was currently learning about the plagues and when she woke up in the morning she didn't know what was happening to her and she started screaming that God was punishing her by way of another plague. Then the woman proceeds to tell me that she beat the hell out of her son for it, and i couldn't help but think, that I would have gladly taken a beating if I had caused something that funny to happen.
Good news on Bert. I had a homeless addict look at it and he thinks it is VERY VERY VERY bad alignment. i am taking his word for it because it makes me feel better if you can;t trust a homeless addict, who can you trust.

I am only 24 part 2 for 3 more days. Is there anything i forgot to do this year? I need to know soon. I will never be 24 part 2 again.



In Supervision class tonight, the teach asked what we would do if our client cried. The other 3 people in class said they would rub the persons arm and comfort them. Then the teach looked at me and waited for an answer, so i said "I would give them a moment and then proceed on and maybe explore why it is that such and such upset them so much". That one passed without too many words, UNTIL she made a comment that sometimes she tells the person, instead of wiping the tears away that maybe they could wipe them into their cheek and maybe into their heart. I think a little laughter slipped out of my mouth with the thought of how incredibly funny that would be, and she turned and looked at me and said "ok Marci, I know this is nothing you would ever do because you don't strike me as the comforting type"..... So I said "You're right, I would go smoke and tell them to get them selves under control before i got back, before I would tell them to rub their tears into their heart."

She might not have liked my answer.
I got to work this morning and opened my bag, and there was a decent amount of money in my bag. This is weird since I was going to have to pay parking in pennies tonight. No one will claim that they gave me money. So Either I have a money fairy who is a few weeks too late, or I have an incredible friend out there.

And now my car almost broke down on the way to work today. I pulled into a gas station and had a little talk with Bert about how he knows I am under stress and if i meant anything to him he would wait until I get my money Friday to quit on me. I thought he understood, since I did make it to work, but it turns out he is being a little brat and tried to quit on me again on the way home. I now need a mechanic fairy to tell me what is wrong with Bert. DOES IT EVER END?



So last week I show up to free beer, and as most of you know i am so poor because the government is out to get me and trying to steal my student loan and free beer is the only thing I have to live for, and it was cancelled. Immediately the phone starts ringing with people spreading some vicious rumor that Dogwood is going bankrupt. After a week of thinking about it, that seemed crazy, after all they know that they are my only happiness and surely they would not do this to me, and they also just made their new 10% Bradywine beer, and there stuff is in every bar I go to. So today I decide I am going to ignore the rumors and show up with my mug and drink the beer. Me and Deuce are driving there (side note: you all don't know much about Deuce but he is one of my best friends and I think we spend at least 100 of the 168 hours a week together. We are almost one in the same person and you know I am cool as sh*t so you know he is too. If it wasn't for Dogwood, we would have never met the night he came stumbling into my apartment complex and asked me for smoke, and we would have never sat and talked in a drunken stupor and we would never have thought to get in a car the next day and go to a concert with a stranger) so anyway, we are driving there and as we get close I notice that we are not breathing.... It is really that bad. So our fingers are crossed and we ull around and there are only cars turning around and leaving. So I get out to read the sign on the door, hoping it says "Sorry marci, we went to a Dead show, see you next week"... but no.... it said
(I might cry while typing this)


So if anyone is looking for me I will be fetal position in my closet for the next few days while I mourn the loss of everything I had to live for.
Conversation after "no beer":
Deuce: what do we do?
Me: I am not opposed to dying, what else do we have to do?
Deuce: Yea that's cool, we are not virgins
Me: neither of us ever get laid anyway, so there really isn't much to live for either.

Yes it really is that bad.



So when you are playing team trivia at a local bar establishment, and you realize you are going to loose anyway..... Don't get angry at the guy on your team who writes "Your Mom is a Slut", "your mom is still a slut", & "No, really your mom is a slut", for every answer, because somehow you will get an extra 15 points and still not be in last place. BUT, apparently you stop getting free points when you write, "You are a lot like your mom".
I lost electricity for right at 24 hours because of Frances. It went out Monday night and i got up in the dark got ready for work and when I got home last night I still had no power. I know, some of you are like, HOLY SH*T MARCI, PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDN'T MISS BIG BROTHER OR AMAZING RACE. Well, turns out I did. I really thought my life was going to end. I guess maybe I am still alive because Lurker Boy came over and hung out with me and we played dominos in the dark and a little game I call "Name everything I can not do since I don't have power". If I had been here alone I am sure that i would have died, no question.

10 days til my birthday. I am not all that excited about getting closer to old hag stage or events of the day, I could care less if it is celebrated or not, but I am incredibly happy that I will be free of the odd number for 365 days. 26 is a nice round number... I might even stay 26 next year.


Today I had a chance to breath have some down time, and I ended up going and walking around down town at Dragon*Con. We just went because we wanted to see the dressed up freaks. We saw the entire crew of the enterprise, William Wallace, tons of robots, a bunch of naked chicks, and some 80 year old men dressed as LOR orks. IT WAS AWESOME! It really makes me feel good about being normal and getting laid every now and then, cuz you know these guys don't.



That was all I had to say, but I have a second to elaborate. I have never been this busy in my entire life and I think my brain is shutting down. I missed my deadline to apply to graduate. I really think that telling me to apply 2 semesters early A FUCKING YEAR AGO is not really going to stay with me when the time comes. Financial aid has screwed me over once again, and since i am down to 3$, they decide it will take 2-3 more weeks to work out the problem. My homeless addicts (don't get me wrong they are awesome) are straining. I sit all day and listen to the sexual abuse, the domestic violence inhumane brutality, and the various other stories that make them who they are, all day. I love it and they give me the sense that they are actually getting something out of talking to me, but damn I can see why there are counselors that only see other counselors. Class blows and is proving to be an utter waste of my time, and to top it off I CAN'T SMOKE, DRINK, HAVE CAFFEINE, SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, SMOKE CRACK, HUFF PAINT, OR DO MY SELF DESCRIBED COMPULSION ie. Throwing the giant size barbies at midgets. Some one kill me, or send me money, or buy me something to make me feel better.

--------- official end of rant-------


Maybe there will be a post later today.