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If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is, it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?
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I like to go up to unsuspecting people that have no clue I am even there and try to get noticed and maybe accost them...

It really sucks that even the flash of a camera doesn't even make boys turn around. BOYS ARE DUMB!
Just when I think it would be a cool party trick to throw myself down the stairs .... Bush gets re-elected.



As it goes with a typical road trip with me, you know one where I make a crucial mistake that tries to ruin my good time, I left home and about 100 miles into the trip I realized I forgot my shoes. You are saying that I am a big idiot right now but really this could have happened to anyone. I had on flops that I ran to the car in and then I got so excited when it was time to leave I felt like there was something on my feet and thought I was ready to go. I didn't let it get me down.

bourbon St. Was cool until me and a Hurricane got into the biggest fight of my life. I don't feel all that bad, Lurker boy had a bigger fight than me. I was only up sick all night, he was sick until 5 the next day. I wish Deuce could tell you how much fun it was being in a hotel room with oe bathroom and 2 drunkards, dying of alcohol poisoning. Saturday we did the river walk and hung out on the cooler side of the French Quarter where there were less young drunk people and more jazz music. That is the point I fell in love with NO. Then we met 2 drunk girls and hung out with them until one tried to tell a cop he was an ass hole and I have seen Cops, I know this is a bad thing to say. Even though he WAS a total ass hole, and told us he could not help us and "we could walk one way to find a cab but we would probably got our heads bashed in."

Anyway, good times were had by all. This is the best road trip we have ever thought up at free beer. I think plans are better when they start over beer. From now on all my big ideas are going to happen over beer.



Thanksgiving was GREAT! I had the best food ever at Ray's on the River with Lurker Boy and his fam, and now I am getting packed and tomorrow morning I am hauling ass to New Orleans for the weekend. (don't tell my mom that I am not working, I think she is mad that I escaped yet another holiday for "begin too busy") I have just spent 2 hours mapping all the places I want to go and for some reason I have a feeling I just wasted 2 hours of my life. I am going with Duece and Lurker Boy (since Mel backed out last minute, go leave dirty comments on her site), and I have a feeling all my plans are going to be over ridden by the 2 day bar crawl. The only thing I can promise is a lot of fun and the fact that I will TRY not to get arrested.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go buy 20 bags of flavor blasted goldfish and noise makers to get on LB's nerves while he is driving.


I have spent about 4 months telling clients to have a "Gratitude List" nxct time they walked into my office, that I figured it was time I did mine:

I am Thankful for:
~ My friend Melanie who can sit on the couch with me and say "I can not believe that we are so fat and we have not fallen though the floor yet"
~The fact that I leave homeless drug addicts every day and am able to go get a beer.
~I don't have to spend another holiday getting out of the parents house for asking for OJ
~That I am going to New Orleans becuase we got drunk the other night and decided that would be a good Thanksgiving.
~that I am drunk now and am going to go play "Go" with Lurker Boy and I don't have to be bored or a computer geek.

Happy ThankYou Day

-- Lurker Boy (lurking)


Seriously, you ALL want to be our friends.

Melanie beat me to the punch.... But in short we went out and lived it up college style (meaning we went to a dive bar where there was no chance that we would not be the most attractive girls in the place and then made fun of strangers to there face) this weekend and maybe probably made total assholes of our selves and then somehow I woke up with a stranger in my bed that thought Melanie was the "Blondest" girl in the world, even though I was the one saying "Hey Um.... Melanie, I am not trying to alarm you but there is a total stranger in my bed". I am still trying to figure out why there was a stranger staring at me at 6am when I woke up. AH the little mysteries of life! I am also still trying to figure out why in the entire bar of loud drunks the singer on stage stopped half way through his set and looked right at us and said "yea so if you want to have a really loud conversation there IS another room in the bar". And also why mel and I thought instinctively that the correct reply to that was "WWHHHHOOOOOOO!"

The next day was filled with her and I sitting on the couch ALL DAY doing nothing but watching court TV movies and eating..... a lot, and wondering if we were the coolest girls ever, or maybe just dirty fat slobs, then the phone rings and THE BOY is on his way over and I actually got upset that I have to jump in the shower and Melanie has to haul ass, due to the cute style we had been sporting all day. Apparently we are fine with ourselves being slobs all day but as soon as we know someone might see us in all our booty short glory we run for cover.



Tonight in class, we are having a really cool discussion about working with families. (I know sounds invirgorating, that is what I thought too, but it turned out to be awesome, with markers and activities and I got to be an addict and run while people chased me, you know I love games) So, after I sat down from running around and pretending to be crystal meth, my phone beeps. I am already in a good mood because i am having fun and I get all embarrassed that my phone is making noise and quickly quite it. Remember this is the class that hates me, since..... well because i am better than them I ruined the curve on the final by 20 points. So I get some dirty looks and i ignore them and look down to read my text message. After I read it, I start giggling so hard that I am wheezing and clinching my jaw, irrationally thinking that no one can tell I am laughing. This is the point that I snort, and everyone turns to me. The professor that is WAY too hot to be gay stops what he is saying and asks me what it is that is that funny, I try to deny I am laughing with my bright red face. By this point the whole class is laughing AT me and they all really want to know what it is. So i end up telling the class that I just received a text from my pal Deuce (the one with the fro)


For some reason they didn't think it was as funny, but jeez, I had a good giggle. Only now not only do they all hate me, now they think i am crazy too.
Damned if you do damned if you don't.

I have been busy finding a way to get out of going "home" for the holidays.... I swear this is getting old. Why do he holidays have to come EVERY year? Can someone tell me that? Well I got it to where I can work on Friday after Thanksgiving, so when the fam asks if they will see me I can say "No I don't have time again this year".

So I think all is good when I talk to my mom and explain about how "addicts don't stop being addicts just because of holidays" and my mom then informs me that she has "invited the brain damaged mother and daughter that were banished to the other side of the mountain because of the law suit". Are you confused? I was. I have learned not to ask questions when I am confused with my mother since that only leads to more confusion, so I just said "oh that is nice". My mom knows I want to know more so she says "I would tell you the story but it is too sad, and the daughter thinks she will never have friends because she doesn't function too well now, so I thought it would be nice to invite them".

Now I kinda want to go home and experience what ever the hell is happening there. Is the experience worth driving 4 hours when I will probably get kicked out of the house for asking for orange juice like last christmas?



Today I showed up to work and it was colder in my office than it was outside. My office sits in the back of the building by itself (which is very conducive to singing and talking to myself not to mention the dance parties I have when no one is watching) and every one else has little space heaters in their office so the front of the building stays cool, but not freezer like. I really had to go grab sweaters out of my car and layer up for work, and my lips were chapped when I left.

In staff meeting today, the director started out by making an "Announcement". It was basically telling me how happy they are to have me and how great they think i am. The numbers had come back for October and it turns out that after 2 years of having a steady 70% occupancy, I have single handedly raised it to 86% in one month. He seemed to think the board meeting was going to go a bit smoother this week. So i decide that this might be the time to tell him that I will have it at 90% in November if they could spare some heat for the back of the building.

Response: "Well, I have looked into getting it fixed but it is the end of the year and it has a hefty price tag....".

It is going to be a long hard winter. I will be shopping for a space heater tomorrow, and maybe a big jacket, and maybe tons of blankets. Although Blankets really disrupt the spontaneous dance parties.

Anyone with extra cash laying around just waiting to donate to a charity feel free to bring me heat.


You might remember a boy this summer that I might have referred to as my boyfriend, even though I never talked to him.... The one that I finally did talk to when a car load of punks drove up and yelled "NIPPLES!!!". I never talked to him again after that. Today I was sitting outside my building reading and h walked by carrying a 4lb. container bucket of cottage cheese. I was so happy that he was not my boyfriend at that moment.

I ting I might die if my boyfriend had been seen walking down the steet with a year supply of cottage cheese. For real, what would you need that much cottage cheese for. I think my ex-boyfriend might be REALLY disgusting.



At least that is what the cork screw said when it was meeting its demise in the cork of a wine bottle this weekend. So Melanie and I were left with 2 bottles of wine and no way to open them. Go one block over and get a cork screw guys. Yea yea, what ever that would not been nearly as fun as me looking at Melanie and saying in my most serious voice: "I am fully aware that what I am proposing will be a BAD idea, but it will be fun". This is the point where I reach for my trusty tool bag and pull out an electric drill and proceed to drill around the broken metal in the cork. We made two holes, one for air, since we are geniuses. We were fishing cork out of our wine at the very point there was a knock on the door.

There is nothing better than being caught doing something embarrassing ESPECIALLY when you KNEW it was a bad idea. I look over at the door and it is THE BOY. He sees what I have done and starts making fun of me and grabs the other bottle and starts looking around for how to do it. The call of the drill was too much for him as well, and he took a screw drilled it in and then pliers and yanked it out with the cork. He thought i was dumb but then Melanie started talking about how she hammered a screw into her wall and took the slack off me.



I am sorry I scared you all when I got drunk and yelled, "OH SHIT, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL I HAVE TB". You see I thought I had gotten tuberculosis from a client who showed up with out his medical results, and I got so busy that I forgot about my TB . I know I am pretty silly for forgetting about my TB, but life is hectic you know.

I need to let everyone know that this was a false alarm and there were faxed medical results for the guy when I got in this morning. So no worries, we do not in fact have TB now.

Hugs and Kisses and fresh breath of air,
Dear the Local,
I am sorry if you lost business last night when I announced my TB. But really the guy that left that was afraid of a little TB wasn't worth being your patron anyway.

keeping it real,


In just a few hours I will not have to see P Diddy on my TV anymore... This could be the coolest election EVER!


Halloween was fantastic. I went o Athens to see Moonstill Shine play, and as it turned out, Lurker Boy and I just bar hopped for a few hours and by the time we got to the show, we were a little drunk. I remember dancing and having fun and meeting random boyfriends, but I don't remember the band so much. I think that means I had a great time. As you know, any good substance abuse counselor rates fun on how much they remember the next day. Some random guy took our picture on the side of the street so be on the look out for me in a school girl skirt, fully equipped with knee high argyle socks, on the internet somewhere. We meant to take pictures of our weekend, however, if you re-read the top again, you can understand that we forgot.

Then to top the weekend off, THE BOY called and (Brad you will think this is funny) he is moving back to Atlanta. I think maybe our relationship has gone to new highs. He is actually keeping me informed of him moves before they happen now. I am wanting to be excited about this but I know if I get happy now, something will come up in Uruguay or Jabuti that he absolutely has to sign on to for a year.

In other news: the homeless drug addicts are quickly loosing their coolness. I am fine with the crack smokers and the heroin users, but the alcoholics and pot smokers get on my last nerve. Doing an intake interview on slow taking, no point getting, ADD addicts is something I might need more patience with. Live and learn.